We help entrepreneurs create

create lives




at work and at home.

You're Doing the Work

You spend all day working diligently in your business before coming home to spend quality time with your family, leaving little wiggle room for much else. There are so many areas of your business and personal life that need your attention. You know you can’t be an expert in everything.

It’s time you found a financial team you can trust, one that can take some of the work off your shoulders. That way, you can have a clear picture of where you are, what you’re envisioning, and how to move forward in building a life and business you love.

How We Can Help

At Aligning Wealth, we help our clients create financially satisfied lives. We love working with mission-driven entrepreneurs who put their family first and see their business as a tool for building their ideal life.

We have a research-backed comprehensive financial planning process to help you align your resources -- money, time, and energy -- with what matters most to you.

Creating a financially secure future for your family starts with you. Get back to imagining the possibilities and let us help you with the rest.

The Aligning Wealth Difference

What Sets Us Apart

Fee-Only, Fiduciary Partners

No funny business here! We are legally required to be fiduciaries and to place our clients’ interests first. Legality aside, it’s the right thing to do. As a fee-only firm, we are only compensated by our clients, and we like to keep it that way.

We Understand Entrepreneurs

We understand the complexities and challenges of being a small business owner. When we are guided by your clarified vision. we can work together to help you make better money decisions and delegate some of the financial aspects of your life.

Emotionally Intelligent Financial Planning

We're whizzes at financial analysis, but we also know the best financial plans are centered around your values, hopes, dreams, and aspirations. We’ll focus on your unique desires and vision as much as your numbers and data.

Values Driven Investing

Investing goes beyond simply putting money into the stock market. We will discuss what it looks like to invest in all areas of life: your career, your community, and your family. We also offer socially responsible investing options.

Trusted Team of Finance Experts

Not only will you get access to our amazing internal team, we’ll also connect you with pre-screened professionals like accountants, lawyers, and insurance agents that are experts in their fields -- and good at taking care of you, too. 

Available Virtually Around the Country & Local to NYC

Most of our work is done virtually, meaning we are able to work with entrepreneurs nationwide. If you’d rather meet in person in NYC at a location close to you, that works for us! 

Meet the Founder of Aligning Wealth

Jenna VanLeeuwen, CFP 



As my MeeMaw says, my family knows how to squeeze a penny until it breaks. However, as an adult, I’ve learned that being good with money goes far beyond frugality.

Since then, I’ve learned true wealth is about using your resources -- money, time, energy -- to live with a sense of purpose and possibility. There’s a rare kind of magic in feeling like you have the skills and financial security to live according to your priorities. I want the same for you.

Whether it’s taking that dream trip, working less so you can spend more time with your family, or scaling up your business to impact more people, we’re here to help you make it happen.

When I’m not working with clients, I’m usually spending quality time with my husband Brian, my toddler Charlotte, and my two pups.

Most Saturdays, you’ll find the whole family popping into a coffee shop and then taking a walk to smell the flowers or play in the park. We occasionally take a big trip to see family in NC or a new place, but I’m currently delighted at living our ordinary lives here in Jersey City, NJ, watching both my daughter and my business grow.

Things that delight me

Helping women

go from worried about having enough to dreaming about the future

Dreaming of the future

with my husband and bringing it to life together

Watching my daughter

try new things

The idea

of having an AirBnB someday, somehow

Having adventures

big and small, with my family

Changing lives

by teaching emotionally-centered financial skills

Start aligning your money with what matters most.

We’d love to help you make that happen! Please check out our services below to learn more about our process and philosophy.