Comprehensive Financial Planning and Investment Management

for Family-Focused Business Owners

Are you so busy with your business and family life that you find yourself making reactive money decisions? 

It’s hard to envision the future when so many things need your time and immediate attention. Let us take care of the details so you don’t miss a beat.

At Aligning Wealth, we love to create individualized financial plans based on each client’s values and vision. Consider us your go-to financial partner, helping you create a clear action plan so you can build the ideal life you’ve been dreaming of.

We’ll empower and equip you financially so you can move forward with a sense of possibility and abundance.

Highly effective financial strategies for small business owners, 

custom crafted for you with your family in mind.

Jenna VanLeeuwen, CFP®
Principal of Aligning Wealth

At Aligning Wealth, we believe in emotionally intelligent financial life planning that is focused on you and your family.

Unlike traditional financial planning firms, we don’t require that you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank. We charge a flat, transparent fee based on complexity, and you’re welcome -- but not required - to invest your assets with us.

To position your business for success and spend more time with your family, you need a clear vision for your finances. We can help!  

What Financial Alignment Could Look Like

Get financially aligned in life

•  Saving for retirement
•  Saving for college
•  Buying your dream home
•  Taking your dream trip
•  Thoughtfully managing investments
•  Dreaming up a giving plan
•  Creating a spending plan
•  Sticking to a debt payment plan

Get financially aligned in business

•  Minimizing taxes
•  Budgeting to scale your team
•  Growing your income
•  Creating your retirement plan
•  Planning a maternity or paternity leave
•  Understanding health insurance options
•  Selling or buying a business

Your First Year

with Aligning Wealth

Get Started

1 HOUR meeting

Let’s chat! This conversation helps us understand who you are, what you are concerned about, and what you dream of creating in your life. 

Your Current Life

1.5 - 2 hour meeting

We will collaborate to create a detailed picture of your current life to understand your starting point. 

Create Your Vision

1.5–2 hour meeting

Together, we will create your vision of your ideal life and determine your highest priorities going forward.   

The Big Picture & Next Steps

1.5–2 hour meeting

This is where all of our work comes together. At this stage, we’ll craft a customized financial plan that's anchored by your goals and vision. Then, we’ll list action steps that will help you achieve each goal and create quick wins.

And Beyond

We’ll meet two to four times a year to help you continue taking action on your financial plan. We also are also available to answer any questions you may have along the way. In future years, we’ll regularly review and modify your financial plan for the inevitable changes.

Our planning process starts with



We are your financial guide, but you are the expert in your own life. We respect your voice in the process and make every effort to create an encouraging space to discuss your ideas and concerns.

Our Fee Schedule

Your fee for comprehensive financial planning is a flat fee based on complexity.  There is an upfront engagement fee and an ongoing monthly fee. Our fee begins at $900 for the engagement fee and $300/mo ongoing but can be higher due to complexity.

We will always provide you with guidance on your investments, but if you’d like for us to manage your investments directly, investment management starts at 0.8% of assets under management. No minimum is required to invest.

Money is



Your financial plan should be too.

Let’s begin your journey toward financial alignment with a complimentary consult.

Schedule a free consultation.