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    Align Your Money With What Matters Most

    Financial Planning for Family-Focused Entrepreneurs

    We help small business owners create lives they love, at work and at home.

    Are you ready to move...

    ...from unsure to empowered?

    ...from overwhelmed to peace and clarity?

    ...from feeling like something is missing to possibility and abundance?

    It starts with

    financial alignment.

    Aligning your finances means getting real about your goals, daring to envision your future, and getting the support you need to build your ideal life. At Aligning Wealth, we help family-focused business owners like you achieve financial contentment so you can live a life of satisfaction and fulfillment.

    meet Jenna

    Jenna VanLeeuwen, CFP 


    Founder of Aligning Wealth

    As a values-focused financial planner, it is my honor to help families grow and navigate the highs and lows of business and life. The ongoing act of financial planning will help you and your family thrive with resiliency in any circumstance. Let’s ensure your money works as hard as you do. 

    Financial Alignment Begins With A Vision. Your Vision.

    Financial planning isn’t about sacrifice and cutting back. It’s about confidently moving forward to create the life you desire. Let us show you how.

    You’re a dream client if...

    You're a business owner and you’re ready to level up without sacrificing time with your family.

    You deeply care about the impact you are making on the world.

    You love your family fiercely and they mean more to you than anything.

    You love lingering over a delicious meal with your partner.

    You love the energy of the city, even if you need a break from it sometimes. 

    You believe there’s power in uplifting women and cheering each other on.

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    Aligning Wealth
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    Get clarity on what you can spend, save, and invest by understanding your personal and business cashflow. 
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    We understand small business owners. Your family and values come first.

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