Personal Insights About Goal Setting Worksheet 

Goal setting is key to growing your business, building wealth, and enjoying the life you’ve worked so hard to attain as a business owner. Without the guiding light of a goal, so many of us become unmoored and get stuck in patterns that no longer serve us. 

And the tricky thing about goal setting is it seems so intuitive…but it’s not. So many things can derail even the most planned-out goals in our lives. 

In my experience, when people are struggling with meeting goals even though they are trying hard, it’s time to sit down and do some reflection. 

That’s why I love this exercise, Personal Insights About Goal Setting.

Often the problem isn’t with our goals. The problem is with how we think about them. Maybe creating a timeline has put so much pressure on attaining the goal that it seems impossible. Perhaps our goal is actually motivated by what we think we should be doing instead of what we actually want

If you are struggling with setting and sticking to goals, the chance is that you have some thoughts, desires, or even views of yourself that are stopping you from getting there. Or, you might be chasing the wrong goals altogether! 

Download this free self-reflection exercise to learn more about holistic goal setting and think through some things that might be holding you back.

Download the Personal Insights About Goal Setting Worksheet

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